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    Frequently Asked Questions
    (and regularly given Answers)

  • How do I buy a font?
    You just have to decide for one or multiple typefaces, choose your desired styles or packages and pick the right license size for you. After a successful payment you will instantly get an email with a download link for your bought typeface(s) and an invoice.
  • Who needs to buy the license, me or the client?
    Whoever wants to use the typeface needs to own a license. So if you're creating a design for a client and want to use the actual font files, you should buy the license for your design practice. If the client needs the font files too, e.g. for usage as their brand typeface or on their website, they need to buy an appropriate license too.
    But of course you can buy a license on behalf of your client – just make sure to enter the correct details of the Licensee during the checkout.
  • What type of licenses can I purchase?
    We're providing an easy to use and understand all-in-one license, combining desktop and web license. This means you can use the fonts in nearly every printed context and on your website. Where you can not use them is for special digital publishing like apps or television. You can look up all this in detail in our ▸EULA. And if you really need to use one of our typefaces in those for a specific project, just write us a mail for an individual offer.
    All in one license
  • What about the available license sizes?
    Our license comes in five sizes from XS to XL: Depending on the number of computers the font should be installed and/or monthly visitors of your website, you must pick the fitting license size. If you need a bigger license than our XL-License (for up to 50 CPUs and 250k visitors/month) you can always contact us for a custom license.
    License sizes
  • What type of payments do you accept?
    All payments are processed through PayPal, ensuring a safe and automated checkout.
    If you’re not able to use PayPal, please▸get in touch with us for alternative payment options.
  • What type of files will I receive?
    All our typefaces will be delivered as OpenType-Fonts (.OTF) and Web Open Font Format (.WOFF2). These formats work both on Apple and Windows computers and are supported by all modern browsers.
    In some cases we'll also publish typefaces as variable fonts. In this case you'll get a Variable OpenType (.TTF) font file.
    File formats
  • Which glyphs are included in your fonts?
    This strongly depends on the typeface — experimental display faces might not have as much glyphs as a typeface for body copy. Anyways we’re trying to include as much glyphs and OpenType-Features as possible and support most of the latin languages (usually with a Latin Extended-A character set). For specific information see the specimen with the full character set, all features and supported languages.
  • Can I test a typeface before buying?
    Sure! Besides testing our typefaces right in our online typetester (you will find right before the buying options), you can also download Trial Fonts for usage in your layout programs. Just sign up for our ▸newsletter and you will get a download link with the welcome mail. Please note that both, the typetester and the downloadable Trial Fonts, contain a limited glyph set with only basic uppercase, lowercase and standard figures.
    Trial fonts
  • Do you offer discounts for students?
    We do! If you're an active student we offer you a ▸2 for 1 discount — meaning that you get a free style or package of your choice (of the same price) on top of a bought one! For this offer, please ▸get in touch with us directly.
  • Do you update your typefaces?
    We’re aiming to release only functional and well-expanded typefaces. However we’re listening to customer needs and might add needed glyphs or features and fix possible errors. If you bought any typeface that gets an update you will be notified by email and provided a link to download the updated font files.
  • Can I edit or extend bought typefaces?
    No, you’re not permitted to make any changes to our retail fonts or extend them e.g. with additional styles. For these cases we offer ▸custom solutions, from adding specific glyphs to a typeface over adding new weights and styles to developing a bespoke typeface that suits your needs. Just drop us a line and tell us about your project.
    Custom type services
Frequently Asked Questions

End User License Agreement

EULA — End User License Agreement

As you might know, you can't really buy a typeface itself — actually you can only purchase the rights to use the type via the provided font files. Therefore an EULA (End User License Agreement) is needed to let you know, what you are permitted to do with these font files. Usually these documents are multiple-pages walls of paragraphs nobody really wants to read. It's not really possible to completely get rid of paragraphs here, but our EULA tries hard to be simple and understandable. So please go along and have a look!

Look up EULA

Trial Fonts

In most cases you want to make sure that a typeface fits your project before buying it. Of course images and specimens will give you a first impression – but beeing able to use it yourself right in your favorite layout app is something else. Because of that you can download all of our typefaces as trial versions, including the basic characters and figures to play around with.
Just type in your email to sign up for our newsletter and get a download link for all available trial font files. Additionally we will keep you updated about future releases, updates of already released typefaces and special promotions.

Download Trial Fonts

Download our trial fonts